“I Am Groot”

“I Am Groot”

Actually I wish my cosplay game was good enough to be Groot. It’s really not. In fact my cosplay game today is Mystique disguised as an ordinary guy.  And yes, those are sunglasses on my head! Something I haven’t had to use since about September last year!

So, why all this talk about cosplay and me being Mystique? Well, simples, today is Devcon. A Comic Book Convention in Devon. In Plymouth to be exact. Where I am.  

It’s a surprising turnout! For me at least, I haven’t been before. This might be normal.  There are so many cool costumes here. I’m going to need to set up a photo album for it. I’ve been here 10 minutes and already taken sooo many photos!

The one thing I will say is that I need to book before hand next time. The ‘tickets only’ lane went really quick but the cash line is huge!

There’s even a little kid dressed as StarLord. So much awesome! And I’m in the queue next to a little girl dressed a Ray and her sister(?) dressed as Vader. The dad just had the cutest conversation with Ray too, and I quote “That’s Jango Fett. Jango’s the Dad and Bobba’s the son, remember?” No pictures of the kids because I know some people don’t like strangers photoing their kids, which is fair enough!

There’s definitely a theme here and for the most part that theme is Star Wars! I really regret not dressing up. Wish I threw my Eleventh Doctor outfit together. Or raggedy doctor. Damn. 

I only ended up staying for about two hours of the event so I was gone at about 12 and kind of milled around town for a bit. Why’d I leave so early? For three main reasons. One, I wasn’t in costume. I thought that this would be ok but in actual fact I felt really out of place amongst some of the awesome costumes there. Two, I was alone. Almost everyone there was in a group and that’s definitely the best way to do things. Three, as soon as I stepped outside for some air (it did get ripe in there!) they said they were at capacity and it would be a one in one out situation, there were so many kids in the queue that I figured they could take the space that would be otherwise occupied by me.   The other thing was that the attraction was definitely the costumes, inside the event there were a lot of stalls and a few semi-famous people. But, in two hours I walked the place twice and had a good look and discussion with a fair few stall owners and had pretty much run out of stuff to do. 

It was good and I thoroughly enjoyed it but next year I need to remember. Dress up, don’t go alone. The two key factors to having an awesome time. 

More photos found here.