When I was setting up my blog I was being asked lots of questions like, what’s the domain name? What’s the content going to be? What’s your username? What’s the point of it?

I found the answer to all these questions and more was ‘*pfft* I don’t know!’ Hence the name of the blog. Originally it was going to be ‘Oh God, I don’t know!’ But I thought that might accidentally attract religious people having a crisis of faith.

I’m in my late twenties, live and work in the UK, and I’m married to an American who lives and works in the US. It’s a long story.
My interests (and this blog’s raison d’être) are pretty varied.

Expect to find: comic books, movies, sci-fi, video games, jailbreak things, the harmonica, me working out, magic and card tricks, and general geekiness.


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