Traveling to California


14:49 GMT

I know it’s been a while since I posted anything but to be honest nothing interesting has really happened to me.  For the last few weeks I’ve been waking up, going to work, coming home, going to sleep, waking up and repeating.  So a couple of things have changed since then.  I recently finished the six month secondment that I was on and because of that I will no longer be doing Monday to Friday 9-5, I’ll be going back on shift work. In this case Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday for the first week then Wednesday, Thursday, Friday for the next week  and repeat.  So although it means that I’ll be working longer hours it means that I’ll be spending less time a week communting and less time in between days off as well. But that doesn’t start until the end of May because…drum roll please…I’m on my way to California!!

This won’t get posted for a while because of internet issues when I travel but I plan to just type as I travel to update.  I’m travelling with Delta from Heathrow to Salt Lake City, I’ve then got to recheck my bag for my next flight onto Palm Springs.  Apart from rechecking my bag (which is a pain but I get because (by the sounds of things) Palm Springs is a tiny airport so I’ll have to do customs stuff in Salt Lake City) Delta have been great.  The flight’s pretty dead so I’ve got two seats to myself, I could probably move down and get three seats to myself as well, might do that later as I get sleepy.  

But the plane has USB ports and possibly wi-fi.  I’ve had a beer and a cola, and peanuts and pretzels.  Looks like lunch is coming now too :). I’m going to sit back,  chill out, watch Zoolander 2 and work on my screenplay.  More updates in a bit…but ya know…still on this post.

18:07 GMT

We’re just over Canada now I think:    

The camera’s a little shakey because we’re going through some turbulence. I’m not fussed on the turbulence though because look at this!

Again, shakey, turbulance but I’m stretched over three seats! How awesome’s that!? Now I’m going to put on my complimentary eye mask on and close my eyes 🙂 no screenplay writings done yet. 

13:19 Salt Lake City time – I’m not sure what time zone that is but it’s 20:19 UK time

I was able to get my eyes closed with the eye mask and get a little bit of sleep.  I got to stretch out over three seats, it was great.  The film selection on this flight is actually pretty good.  I’ve watched Zoolander 2 (Neil DeGrass Tyson’s cameo is awesome!), Casablanca (well I had it on while I slept, I’ve seen it 100 times!), and now I’m watching Goldfinger, another classic!

Unfortunately the wifi on this plane isn’t working for me.  I have no idea if it’s free or not because it won’t let me on so I’m resigned to using what I have access to.  Fortunately, like I said, the entertainment on the flight is pretty good.  So, like I said – it’s half 1 in the afternoon in Salt Lake City and the tv screens and flight info are showing up as time to destination in 2 hours and 45 minutes.  That puts my arrival squarly at 16:25.  I mean my maths isn’t wrong, right? 13:30 plus 02:45 = 16:15… I mean the only reason I’m asking is because my slated time of arrival isn’t until 17:38 Salt Lake City time.  So, apparently I’m due to get in almost an hour and a half earlier than anticipated!

I won’t really believe it until I land and see clocks in SLC saying the same time as my phone.  But even if my phone is, for example, an hour behind what SLC time actually is (I don’t know why it would be, I clicked Salt Lake City in the date & time settings) then I’m still due to get into SLC earlier than anticipated.  Which is always good because I’ve gotta collect and recheck my luggage.   Also, I’m craving a philly cheesesteak sandwich. I don’t know why, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to find one in the SLC airport in the time I’m there but it’s all I can think about eating at the moment!!

I still haven’t written any more of my screenplay.  Actually, that’s a lie, on the flight I have written ‘EXT. DAY. DECK OF THE’ and that’s it, I haven’t even put the name of the ship yet!!  Why aren’t I furiously tap, tap, tapping away you ask?  Because the most up to date version was on my laptop which I’ve left at home instead of bringing with me (because it’s bloody heavy and unnecesary for a three week holiday!) aaand unfortunately I forgot to back up the bastard thing before I left.  I remember where I was and what I was going to write next, so I’ve just had to start a new script that starts where I left off and when I get back home I’ll combine the two and hopefully that’s all I’ll need to do to be finished!

As I sit here watching Goldfinger I can’t help but think it would be an excelent racing game if you took all of Bond’s cars and put them on tracks, like Mario Kart with weapons and stuff!  Although now that I think about it, I think it’s been done and I don’t think it was done well. So let me just say that a Bond racing game has a lot of potential. But then again, you could just play Mario Kart! Do the PS4 and XBOne have their equivilent of Mario Kart? I’m not sure any more, The Playstation used to have Crash Team Racing, but I think that was for way back on the original Playstation.

Goldfinger used to be my favourite Bond film, and it’s still good but now all I can do is watch it and think “That’s not how that works!  That’s not how any of this works!!” Paint suffocation!? Let’s be fair, it’s just an excuse to have a naked woman covered in paint, which we all love.  And a bullet hole ripping the cabin of a plane apart (which I’m curious if they’ll add on the plane version).  Geez, watch an episode of Mythbusters 1970s!!  In fact, that goes for every show and film that has people being sucked out of bullet sized holes in planes.  Watch Mythbusters and stop using it as a plot point!

22:25 GMT – 15:25 SLC 

Still in the air for another 50 minutes. I’ve made a startling observation today. When I fly, my farts get foul. Maybe it’s something about the air or the altitude but sheesh!!!

16:01 SLC time. 

Seats are in an upright position. Tray tables are stowed. We’re coming in for landing to Salt Lake City!!

16:19 SLC time

Fuck that was a bumpy landing!!

17:10 SLC Time

Hey everyone! I’m in Salt Lake City, Utah! Here for three hours before my flight to Palm Springs. The weather isn’t great but look at those hills!!!

17:50 SLC Time (00:50 GMT – 21 hours since I left the house)

Just had a wonderful conversations with 2 Americans about guns. The woman works for TSA so she’s telling stories about people accidentally leaving guns in carry ons. I say:

“That’s something we don’t have to worry about in the UK.”

“Why not?”

“We don’t have guns.”

*In disbelief* “Not even the police?”

“We have special teams that do, like SWAT, but just the average cop in the street, no. No guns.”

*Mind boggled* “But the bad guys do, right? So how do they deal with that?”

“No, no one has guns. Maybe farmers, for hunting and stuff. But if there’s a gun crime in the UK it’s a big deal and a huge surprise.”

*A little dejected* “Oh.”

Me…thinking of a way to, for lack of a better word, bond with them “We get a lot of knifings though.”

18:05 SLC Time – 01:05 GMT

I have Internet so I’m uploading what I’ve written so far. I’ll do more posts later and obviously when I arrive etc.



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