So I went to The Doctor Who Experience today and got to experience Doctor Who and Cardiff. I’ll say a quick bit about Cardiff as all I did was walk through it (and now sat at a bar in it). I only saw the city centre and the docks (where the experience is) and it’s pretty cool. Very much like Bristol except people talk funny here.

Now to Doctor Who (which as we all know is the main reason I’m here!!!) the Experience is excellent and well worth the trip for any Doctor Who fan. When you get in there they say you can’t take any pictures in ‘The Museum of Gallifrey’ but you can take pictures after. I thought that was a little weird but it’s because the first half hour is an audience participationy bit where you have to help The Doctor rescues his TARDIS from space squid.

That sentence sounds a little ridiculous to non-who owns but I swear it’s awesome! It’s interactive and you get to fly the TARDIS (sort of) and then you go out into the museum. In the show you end up on Skaro surrounded by decommissioned Daleks but as soon as you get one of the energy crystals they wake up and start moving towards you. I’ll admit that as grown up as I am it was a little freaky but not as freaky as walking through the dark where Weeping Angels flash and move when you’re not looking at them.

I found the crystal in the Weeping Angel section so I got to reach in and grab it. The curator then felt it a good moment to grab my arm which did make me jump a little bit! Then we went into the workshop from The Idiot’s Lantern where you find the last crystal, put it in the doohickey and save the day. After that you head into the museum where you can take as many pictures as possible!!

I took SO many pictures there so I had to put them all here in a Google album! But here are the highlights!

Nine and Ten’s console
Me about to go on an adventure theough space and time


Sonic Device Collection
War Doctor

New Scredriver

After the you go out into the little shop (“Oh the little shop! I love the little shop!”) where I got my merchandise pack because I got the ticket that included that.

The bag the goodies came in
My certificate decreeing me an official companion. im going to save this and take it to a convention with a Doctor to get my name printed then so it’s a little more official!
My Doctor Who Experience T-Shirt
The Official Companion Guide
Souvenir ticket – although I’ll be keeping my actual ticket as a souvenir too!
A festival style wrist band
Fancy box!

Key to the TARDIS in the fancy box!

I also bought the iconic Tom Baker scarf! Which was pretty fortunate as on the walk from the docks to the city (with a slight detour to The RHS Flower Show – I didn’t go in) it was a little chilly and I was thankful for the scarf!!

It was such a great experience and well worth the money! Now I’m going to kick back, enjoy my Strongbow, watch some Doctor Who, and maybe order a bowl of chips!



Heavy Metal Doctor Who Cover – 331 Erock



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