I’m in the car on my way to Wales today. Despite being half Welsh I’ve never been to Wales before! In the car is me, my Nan, my Grandad, my sister, and my mum. My step-dad’s meeting us there as he had to drive from London instead of Plymouth. 

I’m pretty excited because like I said its my first time there but also because tomorrow, while everyone else is at the Royal Horticultural Show (flower stuff) I’ll be at The Doctor Who Experience. I’m not 100% what is exactly there, but I’m assuming I’ll get to experience Doctor Who. I have my Eleventh Doctor outfit with me, so pictures of that to come tomorrow!

Today’s also a big deal because I have a phone interview today for a new job. That’s in about five minutes so I’ll need to get prepared in a second. 

Wish me luck. 


Tatted Lace – Alela Diane


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