Last night I had a dream that Tom Hiddleson was on my bus. He was really nice and polite and I was talking with him for so long I missed my stop and ended up about 100 miles from home. No one would stop to give me a lift but I managed to end up at a house party for a load of students while I waited for a taxi.  I couldn’t get a taxi until 10pm and I wasn’t even sure I had enough money. One of the students was doing card magic and I tried to do some but every time I tried the cards kept folding or bending and I couldn’t handle them properly. I was stressed out because I’d be home late and had to work the next day. When I woke up in my bed I don’t think I’ve been that relieved in a long time!

Anyway, that was my weird dream and now on to my TBT or ThrowBack Thursday.  

This little ball of fluff is Timothy. The quality of the picture isn’t that great because it was taken in about 1996 when he was a kitten. 

A couple of months after we got Timothy (my mum just said “he looks like a Timothy”, ok then!) I had to go into hospital for a brain tumour. I was eight at the time and (as you would) I’ve blocked most of it out of my memory. But I still remember Timothy and the day we got him. 

I had a bobble hat. The woolly kind with a Pom Pom, when I came home from school and was shown Timothy my hat no longer had a bobble. Instead on the floor was a hat and all over the floor were bits and pieces of wool of a recently dismantled bobble. In the midst of it all was an innocent looking kitten. 

I’ve always had at least two cats in my life at any given time and Tims outlived two others. Not because he was overly wiley but he didn’t get out much. When I was about 12 we moved into a married quarter (housing for Armed Forces personnel and their families) while we waited for our new house to be built (new build). The previous occupants had had dogs and the smell freaked Tims out and he spent most of the time there living in my parent’s wardrobe. 

When we moved into the new build he didn’t venture past the back garden. Once, when he did, we were drawn outside by this God awful needy meow. We ran outside and opened the back gate and he just trotted through. He was too lazy to climb up and over the fence so he just meowed for us to let him in! 

This is him in 2010 and the reason I chose him for my TBT today was because today in 2010 I posted this picture to Twitter (thank you Facebook’s ‘On This Day’). He was 14 when this picture was taken and I like to think he looks pretty distinguished.

He died on April 14th 2014. It was my first day working for my current company. He’d gone downhill in his old age, he had cataracts, diabetes, arthritis, and (my mother was convinced) dementia. But every time she took him to he gets to get checked out he’d come out of the basket with his tail in the air and purring happily. 

When he finally did go to get put down it happens in two stages. First they give thema tranquilliser   and then they give them the shot. They literally put them to sleep before they put them to sleep. When Tims got given the tranquilliser the vet checked his pulse and there was nothing. He went to sleep, relaxed, and that’s all she wrote. 

Sometimes I still dream of him, like he’s coming to give me a fuss when I’m down and I know he’s gone but don’t care. He was that kind of cat. 

We’ve still got two cats. Ellie, is sixteen (I think) this year, and grew up with Timothy eating her kitten food, relegating her to the diet stuff he was on. Consequently she’s still pretty small for 16. The other is Tink, when she came home she tried to play with Tims, which as a grumpy old man he didn’t like, he gave her the biggest smack. He was pretty frail at the time and we were all amazed he had enough energy to smack this kitten in the chops!

Above: Ellie

Above: Tink

I might do a post on these two next TBT. 




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